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Immortalised: Alex Ferguson & Mark Hughes Portraits

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Mark Hughes has had a portrait compiled of 1p coins and Alex Ferguson has now been immortalised in a portrait compiled of dog shit.

Artist Ed Chapman created a portrait of Mark Hughes out of 5430 1p coins. Ed was commissioned to produce the modern work of art to mark the launch of Championship Manager 2010’s Pay What You Want campaign.

Chapman said: "Being from Manchester and seeing the enormous spending power that Mark Hughes now has at City, what better than a picture of the man who has spent millions made entirely out of one penny coins.”

The above picture of Alex Ferguson is a collage of dog turds, creating an image that is truly full of shit. Over 500 pieces of dog shit were pain stakingly copied and pasted to make the portrait. To obtain a full sensory appreciation of the picture it is recommended that you take a sip of lumpy sour milk before viewing.

The portrait of the Manchester United manager is currently on show at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. UK art lover's will be able to see the painting this month when it travels to the National Gallery in London after a brief stop at The Louvre in Paris.

Full of Crap: Alex Ferguson on show in New York

Ed Chapman and his coin creations of managers


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