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Harry Misses The Point : Spurs vs City

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Exclusive audio recording of Spurs’ bid for Craig Bellamy from the City boardroom, thoughts on the Tottenham vs City Match and the inane ranting of Harry Redknapp and Spurs’ supporters.

Spurs 0 City 0 : Match Analysis

Manchester City will accept a point after Spur’s dominated the first half but were unable to get past an impressive Joe Hart.

You can imagine the drivel that will be written now that City didn’t win this game 4-0 or even failed to have a period of serious pressure upon the spurs goal. City fail after spending spree etc... However there are a lot of positives for City. For one, we got beat home and away by spurs last season and a point away at White Hart Lane is acceptable this time round.

City were set up for the draw with three holding midfielders in Ya Ya, Barry and De Jong, with a lone striker in new captain Carlos Tevez. We did need luck and an extremely impressive display from Hart to gain the point though. Defoe hit the upright and Peter Crouch was a constant menace winning everything in the air. Thankfully Redknapp decided to sub Crouch half way through the second half and that ceiled a point for City, since Keane and Pavlyuchenko were never going to get past the determined Kompany and Toure in central defence.

Spurs had a lot of joy down the left hand side with Bale starting the season as he finished the last; fast, skilful and capable of dangerous crosses. He was helped with a disappointing display from Micah Richards who was caught off balance and out of position too many times, when he did have the ball he inevitably gave it away. Boetang will surely be the regular right back this season when he recovers from injury.

Kolarov made his debut at Left back for City and looked a competent defender, keeping Lennon quite for the most part. David Silva also made his debut becoming more effective in the second half when he moved from the wings into the centre, showing signs that he will be a fantastic creative central midfielder.

Spurs will undoubtedly still be in the reckoning for a top four finish this season based on this display. I hope they fail though because I’m becoming increasingly annoyed at the crap spouted by Harry Redknapp and some of the spurs fans. So let’s take a look at a couple of examples:

Spur’s and Bellamy Saga

It’s no secret that Harry and spurs would like to have Bellamy as part of the squad. He would be an excellent addition. It has been reported that spurs had a loan deal rejected by City at the beginning of August and have had a transfer bid rejected. Redknapp said the rejections were “Ridiculous”:

“We tried to get him but they don’t want to let him go, and that is up to them”, bemoaned harry. “If he is not in their squad they are not going to want him around... ...He has got to play football. It looks almost certain he will go”

Harry as usual has tried to turn the target player’s head through the media and get public backing. He has omitted the details of the transfer offers however. City are not going to give a good player to a serious rival. Also they are NOT going to be held to ransom over a player that will not be a part of Manchini’s squad. Spurs have a strict wage structure and so the loan deal suggested would mean paying PART of his salary. Spurs want to loan a player from City and let City pay half his wages to do so... are you having a laugh! What’s ridiculous here Harry?

We have managed to obtain a secret recording from the board room at Manchester City. The conference call features Spurs’ offer for Craig Bellamy, listen to it below:

Redknapp’s “ridiculous” PR stunts

When City first bought Bellamy, Redknapp claimed that City bullied Tottenham to be first to the strikers signature; "They came in and said: 'If you don't drop out of Bellamy, we'll sign Palacios as well and you won't get either of them'," Redknapp said. "So we had no choice, really. They just said: 'We'll blow you out of the water.' Did they want Palacios? Not really, I don't think, no. They were half-interested. What can you do? It's difficult. You've got a difficult decision, haven't you? And then, obviously, the money that they offered Bellamy, we couldn't compete with anyway."

Manchester City automatically contacted their lawyers and are investigating Harry’s unfounded comments as reported in the Guardian.

Lately Redknapp has indirectly associated City’s Arab owners with Saddam Hussein! "Man City fans don't care about the money being spent. Football fans don't care. The players don't care, either, because it's not down to them. Saddam Hussein could own your football club and, if he's putting millions into it, they'll be quite happy. They'll be singing 'There's only one Saddam'."

Whilst Redknapp continually attacks City and their fans he tries to use the same under hand PR tactics to sign footballers from other clubs such as Parker from West Ham, trying to turn the players head via carefully worded statements like: To be honest I like the lad, but the club is unwilling to sell, so that’s the end of it. Yeah right.

West Ham rightly accused Spurs of unsettling the player and have stuck to their guns. Karren Bradey writing in the sun wrote of Levy regarding the Parker saga: “Daniel Levy - my friend, but obviously not a very good one - once ventured to me that business was all about principles and money. I told him he had failed in both on this occasion.”

Harry continually bemoans City’s wealth in a number of conflicting reports while he clearly had no problems spending all of Portsmouth’s money, only to rape them by turning their best player’s heads when he moved to spurs. Who can forget Harry hanging out of his car window a couple of seasons ago publically licking Defoe’s anus so much that he got his man in the end.

Spur’s Fan’s make “Ridiculous” claims about City

Some spurs fans have also had their head in the clouds, such as the following article in which one spurs fan produced this rubbish:


Spurs fans claim that City are a much smaller club than spurs and even complain about City’s spending, despite Spurs’ track recorded of being one of the highest spenders in Premier League history. The complete lack of knowledge or facts is typical of the crap spouted by spurs fans this year.


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