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Who is Jex Moxey?

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Who is Jez Moxey? This was a question I had to ask myself when he was quoted in the Sunday Star claiming Man City were ruining Football. As it turns out he is the Chief Executive of Wolves.

Yes this photo really is Jex Moxey and not David Brent.

My word, the comic rag is scraping the bottom of the barrel to continue it's attempted slaughter of Manchester City. How does City's bid for a top 4 finish affect Wolves? I doubt Jed Moxley would be moaning if he managed to get a decent loan signing on the cheap from City.

Moxey said: “The Man City situation is not good. We run the risk of losing what the game is really about.

“It gets too distorted too easily when you have such wealth to buy the best players in the world.

“They are contributing towards spiralling wages and unrealistic demands.

“It’s so difficult for anyone else to compete on a talent and a financial level.

“I’m not sure that’s what I would want to see if I could control it. But I can’t so all I can control is what we do.

“Manchester City are trying to win the Premier League and dominate Europe.

“Their owners have got more money than they know what to do with.

“But buying the best talent doesn’t always mean you’re going to be the most successful.”

“They’ve got their eyes on European competition, but the rules of engagement when they’re playing teams such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan etc aren’t the same,” he said.

“For example, Barcelona and Real Madrid negotiate their own TV contracts so you could argue they’ve got a commercial advantage over some Premier League clubs.”

This is the very same Lex Moxey who was critised in the same newspaper a while back for milking the midlands club when their finances were in serious trouble:

"Wolves today reported overall losses of £1.16m for last year as the removal of the Premiership “parachute payments” hit hard.

And it was revealed that its chief executive Jex Moxey picked up more than £450,000 in wages and bonuses."


Well, thank you Jiz Moxlex on your valued comments. May I point out that what City are doing is nothing new and it has happened throughout football for years. Blackburn and Chelsea for example. Also why is it okay for europes superpowers and not for City?

Believe me, any transfer activity City are involved in will only affect City and the corresponding club. City get a player and the other team gets inflated price. I hardly think it's going to affect your dealings.


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