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Mario Balotelli Unveild

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Super Mario was unveiled at a press conference today (watch below) as a Manchester City player.

Balotelli claimed that he wanted to join City despite a number of different clubs from around europe being interested in him. Super Mario was pleased to be teaming up with ex-Inter manager Manchini again, which was a massive lure to the club.

Balotelli's "bad boy" reputation has been highlighted in the press leading up to the transfer. Such as the moment he taunted Francsesco Totti before a Roma - Inter game:

“From the first moment I stepped on to the pitch, Balotelli provoked me,” Totti said in the magazine Diva e Donna.

“He even said ‘Yo granddad! You are finished!’”

Totti responded by hacking down Balotelli that resulted in a red card and a four match ban.

I hope some of the players point out Van Persie and Rooney to him. Although "Yo Grandad" is hardly a Razor Ruddock special is it?

During the interview at Eastlands Balotteli simply responded to accusations regarding his reputation by smiling and saying "I'm no bad boy".

Super Mario Conference

You can view Mario's first official interview from the selected videos featured to the top right of this blog.

Manchini said of Balotelli that he will be "a very important player in the future." The City manager said that as with most foreign players he will need time to settle and get used to the premiership, 2 to 3 weeks apparently.

"Mario has everything to become a fantastic player, because of his age, his technique, his ability in the air, he is quick. He has everything to become the best player in the world in the future."


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