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Lescott Medical at Man City

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Joleon Lescott is currently undergoing a medical for Manchester City after being seen arriving at the training ground. The two clubs have finally agreed a fee for the English Centreback, understood to be in the reigion of £24 million.

David Moyes relucantly decided to sell the player after Lescott made his attentions clear that he wanted to move to Manchester City. Lescott's transfer request and attitude towards the rejection of that request has now persuaded Moyes that the player should move on to stop any dressing room unrest: "The situation means we have to sell him," Moyes told The People newspaper. "That's been the main reason. It has jeopardised team spirit -- you saw how we were against Arsenal. I would have preferred to keep the player. He's a good player and he can play two positions.

"I've been disappointed but I've had my say on how it's been and any more would be repeating what I've said.

"You could see the effect that it had last week. It's played a big part behind the scenes.

"Joleon had told me on the Friday that he didn't want to play but I had no options so I chose to play him but it worked against me. So, I've taken the decision.

"It's been difficult because Joleon's attitude has been so poor. We'd rather have him playing but if a player is going to behave in the manner he did, we had not choice but to keep him away."


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