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What to do if we lose today

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Come On! Kick off is almost upon us for the new season. Along with the excitement I’m feeling in my gut I’m also a little apprehensive. A trip to Blackburn first game of the season could be the first banana skin to make me turn my phone off at 5 and begin preparing myself for the stick I’ll receive at work and down the pub.

One thing I will do if things don’t go our way today is go out and buy a movie to watch. I’ll just catch the repeat of Match of the Day tomorrow after a sleep. A movie which has been recommended to me is “Mega Shark vs Mega Octopus”. Have a look at the following clips – how good does this movie look? Two prehistoric seas creatures are frozen in time, but when they defrost they terrorise the California coast as they battle for supremacy of the seas. Take a look at the second clip from the movie where Mega Shark jumps from the ocean to grab a plane in mid air.

As I’m writing this Kevin Bishop is being interviewed on Soccer AM, he mentioned a sketch he did which was not received well at all and had a lot of complaints. It’s not that offensive to be honest but still pretty funny. It’s entitled “Fred West Side Story” – a musical based on the life and times of Fred West... check out the sketch here.

I’ll leave this off topic post now with the following picture I came across whilst surfing the web, made me burst out laughing – the poor girl will be eternally embarrassed now that the picture is all over the internet, not exactly what she had planned.


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