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Man City MP3 Chants

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Here are some mp3 files of Manchester City chants and the written lyrics.

Before Carlos Tevez signed for Manchester City the fans sung the "Herman munster's head" chant to the united player. However, since he moved to Man City the fans have quite rightly changed the lyrics of the chant - sung to 'When Johnny Comes Marching Home' which goes: "They couldn't afford his transfer fee, Tevez Tevez. Now he plays for Man Citee, Tevez Tevez. We're sorry for the hateful words, We're sure you've snogged loads of birds. Car-los Tevez is fitter than Cheryl Cole".

The Original Tevez Chant

He's neck scars proves he's lost his head Tevez, Tevez,
He'll never have a sexy bird Tevez, Tevez,
The argy t*at, the ugly c*nt,
They've sewn his head on back to front,
Carlos Tevez, Herman Munster head...

Since the Manchester City take over by the Abdu Dabi group City fans have ironically chanted at the full house at Blackburn "You're only here for the money" in response to the critism that City's new players have only signed for money - despite some fans from other clubs being quite happy to shell out money to watch them when they wouldn't have done otherwise.

Marching With Abu Dhabi

We're on the march with Abu Dhabi,
We're buying everyone we see,
And we'll really shake em up when we're winning all the cups,
'cos city are the greatest football team...

Are We Too Rich For You

Are we too rich for you,
Are we too rich for you,
Are we too rich for you,
Are we too rich for you...

You’ve got six fingers on each hand
Sung to such teams that come from Norfolk or Middlesborough

You've got 6 fingers on each hand,
You've got 6 fingers on each hand,
You've got 6 fingers on each hand,
You've got 6 fingers on each hand...

Fat Spanish Waiter
As sung to Rafa Benitez

Fat Spanish waiter,

You're just a fat Spanish waiter,

Fat Spanish waiter...

We’re Not Really Here

We are not, we're not really here,
We are not, we're not really here,
Just like the fans of the Invisible Man,
We're not really here...

Hark Now Hear

Hark now hear,
The City Sing,
United ran away,
And we will fight for ever more,
Because of Derby Day..

Blue Moon

Blue Moon, you saw me standing alone,
Without a dream in my heart,Without a love of my own..

Na Na Na City

Nah nah nah, Na na na nah, Na na na nah,City...

Ireland Is Superman

Ireland is Superman,
Ireland is Superman,
Ireland is Superman,
Ireland is Superman...

Oh when the blues

Oh when the Blues go marchin in,
Oh when the Blues go marchin in,
I want to be in that number,
Oh when the Blues go marching in...

We Never Win

We never win at home,And we never win away,
We lost last week and we lost today,
But we don't give a f*ck,Cos we're all p*ssed up,

De de de de de de Martin Petrov

De de de de de de Martin Petrov, De de de de de de Martin Petrov...

Anonymous said...
6 September 2009 at 13:12  

how to dload the chants? thanks.=D

Steve Murphy said...
19 September 2009 at 19:17  

Try downloading them using these links:
















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