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Alex Ferguson “small club” Hypocrite: Video Evidence

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Ferguson has publically stated that Manchester City are a “small club with a small mentality”, however back in April Ferguson criticized Rafa Benitez for branding Everton a small club – see video below. His current words do not just insult Man City but every club in the league outside of the "top 4". This is not the only hypocritical statement made by the pensioner & his club recently.

Ferguson in April 2009 after Benitez called Everton a small club

Ferguson responded in an interview regarding the billboard featuring Carlos Tevez and the words “Welcome to Manchester”. He said of Manchester City: “City don't even come into the equation. They are a small club with a small mentality. All they can talk about is us”. We may be able to forgive the oap for forgetting about the banner that is permanently on display at the streford end that has transferable numbers it says “32 years” and will be modified (as for years) to “33 years” this season – representing the number of years since City have won a trophy. Is this permanent billboard exactly the same “mentality”? United fans can even buy a T-Shirt celebrating the banner.

33 Years T-Shirt: 29 February 1976 was the date. Over 30 years have ticked-by since that time and still Manchester City have not won a single trophy. This design is based on the Stretford End banner. – From tshirtsunited website.

Articles have claimed that Ferguson is “playing mind-games” – these words are not mind games they are a knee jerk reaction of a man who has clearly had his feathers ruffled.

On June 17th 2009 David Gill pointed out the official transfer policy for Manchester United: “We are not in the market for 27, 28 or 29-year-olds for loads of money,” he said. “It doesn’t make sense. That is not a road we are interested in going down. When Cristiano left, I was inundated with agents offering this player and that player. But are they motivated at 28 or 29 to come to the Premier League? Are they United-type players? We are about young players, giving them a chance and giving our own young players a chance.”

Despite the transfer policy on the 03/07/2009 Manchester United signed 29-year-old Michael Owen on a free transfer. Yet another contradictory move by Manchester United.
After unveiling Owen as a United player Ferguson stated at the press conference that United would not be making any more moves in the transfer market and said with conviction that: "It is the end of our business, so all these stories about who were are supposed to be getting - forget it,". Less than two weeks later on the 17/07/09 United signed striker Mame biram Diouf from Norwegian club Molde.

During interviews published on the 20/07/2009 Alex Ferguson claimed that Carlos Tevez was not worth the valuation of £25 million: "In my opinion, I didn't think he was worth £25 million." This claim does not make sense when you consider that Manchester United made an official bid of £25 million for the striker. United released the following statement prior to Fergusons comments: "The club agreed to pay the option price of £25.5million and offered Carlos a five year contract which would have made him one of its highest paid players. Disappointingly however, his advisors informed the club that, despite the success he has enjoyed during one of the club's most successful periods, he does not wish to continue playing for Manchester United.”

Alex Ferguson childishly stated on May 17th after winning the Premiership: "I hope Carlos Tevez was crying after I took him off” – hardly the way to treat a player who he had previously compared to Eric Cantona: "Carlos reminds me of Eric Cantona in the way that he has a knack of rising to the occasion with a goal just when it's needed. He often comes up with the goods away from home when you are up against it. I don't think anything fazes him and he keeps his cool in the box."

Did-ums - is there something wrong?

The constant contractions that keep coming from Old Trafford signal either massive communication problems between Ferguson and the board or a sign that the club is completely disorganized.

As for Ferguson’s rants about City - they are not the sentiments of a manger who fears nothing from City. City will not be challenging for the premiership title next year, however if the new squad can gel together and add quality in the future transfer markets - then they could well be challenging in the 2010 campaign. Whilst united may have to rely on free transfers and pay as you play contracts as they attempt to lessen their incredible debt.

Unfortunately for Ferguson he may well retire from United in the same season as small City lift the Premiership trophy – is this how he dreamt of signing off his successful era at the club? Maybe that’s why he’s a bit mift.


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