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Harry Redknapp the voice of reason!

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Harry Redknapp has yet again publically complained about Manchester City’s spending power.

“They are working on another level with the wages they can offer… …there is no doubt City are making it very difficult for the rest” quoted in the Mail today.

The spurs manager was following up on his comments at the beginning of June whilst speaking after a charity event, commenting on “ridiculous” player’s wages:

“It’s making my stomach turn at the amount of money swilling around in football at the moment. It’s obscene… …while I benefit from a good wage, I’m embarrassed about it, to be honest. A lot of people in football are embarrassed.”

However it was not so long ago that Frank Lampard signed new contract with Chelsea that would make him one of the best paid players in the premiership netting him £34 million over 5 years. Back in August 2008 Frank Lampard stated that he couldn’t have got the contract without the help of honest ‘arry and owed it to the former Portsmouth manager:

"The support I've had from my immediate family, including Harry, Jamie [Redknapp] and Mark [Redknapp], has been unbelievable," Lampard said. "I have been lucky throughout my career with the managers I've had. To have a manager who is my uncle was even luckier.”

I’m quite sure that Del Redknapp was quite embarrassed by the amount of money on the table we can only guess what the original figure was before Redknapp advised Frank to settle for the reasonable £34 million.

Mr Redknapp must cringe every time he hear’s the Nintendo wii jingle on the television, his collar must really chaff when he sees his multi-million pound son and family (including himself on one advert) naturally enjoying the console, for which they are paid very handsomely.

To actually come out again and stamp his feet over not getting Barry or Cruz as city had “blown them out of the water” over wages sticks in the throat a little when you consider how he jumped on Distin and the terrible way he unsettled Defo at Portsmouth with his never ending TV appeals to the player.

Jealous Harry should take stock and not insult the system that has provided for himself and his family, he should also take note of the very professional way in which Mark Hughes and Manchester City conduct their affairs with the media.

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