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Emmanuel Adebayor to be announced as City Player?

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Lately Manchester City has been rather bold and has made no secret of their intentions – as long as it suits them. City’s policy of not releasing information to the press unless via official press conferences has frustrated the newspapers.

Newspapers have been releasing varying reports that contradict each other as they try to anticipate the clubs next move and get the ”exclusive”. To the point where it's obvious the stories are frabricated. Unfortunately for the Sun this week - City has announced they will be taking legal action over false allegations that the squad received expensive watches from their owners.

Would the owners really give the players who have yet to win anything a watch? I think not. They are professional business men with a winning mentality. Sure they will pay what it takes to get the better players to City but they will not reward them unless they win, and if they do they’ll probably get more than a watch!

There have been numerous reports in this mornings press claiming that Adebayor has signed for City or he is trying to gain a move to Chelsea or he is wanting to squeeze a loyalty payment from Arsenal because he didn’t hand in a transfer request – as Joey Barton did in his move to Newcastle. In the mean time the club has resurrected a massive bill board in the heart of the town centre with a picture of Tevez and the words “Welcome to Manchester”. Another example of the bold approach the club has taken.

Today see’s the launch of the new kit and the live screening of the Vodacom Challenge at the City of Manchester Stadium. It would not be surprising if City were to announce Adebayor as a City player during the proceedings. It would be good for the fans and add some more bold exposure for the club, especially as we play Orlando Pirates and would give even more exposure in Africa that the club clearly craves.

It’s a shame it’s not Lescott who is also being unveiled today after Everton turned down the £15 million pound offer yesterday. However Lescott would be a fantastic signing and his name has been on the lips of many City fans for over a season. It’s quite clear that the Manchester based player would exactly what the squad needs going into the new season. Surely with a returned offer Lescott would have to seriously consider handing in a transfer request – Moyes is a bold strong manager and he will not accept any bid, and I doubt he’s accept any excuse from the board. It will be up to the player, but when you look at City’s ambition and means to succeed coupled with how they have gone about their business this year – it is very impressive and Lescott could relish the challenge City have set out for themselves.


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