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Billboard Wars: Man United Cadbury Advert

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Here’s the new Manchester United video based on the “eyebrow” Cadbury advert. A mock ad in response to the “small club” comments levied at Manchester City by Alex Ferguson. Featuring Sir Alex, Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand and Michael Owen strutting their stuff.

Ferguson’s comments came in response to the “Welcome to Manchester” poster featuring Carlos Tevez in the centre of Manchester. The knee jerk responses of Sir Alex told most of us that he didn’t see the funny side, a lot of fans did. Especially when numerous mock posters began to circulate – in good humour between rival fans, including Michael Owen on crutches with the words “Welcome to Stretford” and Ryan Giggs looking down on the Tevez poster with words “Pity the Fool”. See the links below this video to see the billboards and posters in question.

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This video is The Manchester City Project’s contribution...

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