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Welcome to Stretford Poster Released in Billboard War

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An adapted photo of the “Welcome to Manchester” Tevez poster - featuring Michael Owen and the words “Welcome To Stretford” has begun circulating emails. This is after Manchester United fans pelted the Manchester City billboard in the city centre with socks dipped in red paint.

The original poster was raised in the city centre on the boundary next to Salford and the Borough Of Trafford. The poster features a picture of Tevez on a sky blue background with the words “Welcome To Manchester” written below. Apart from ribbing United fans about the transfer of fans favourite Tevez to City the poster also highlights the fact that City fans can claim the rights to being the only club from Manchester – since technically Old Trafford is situated outside of the official boundaries of the City of Manchester.

Since the bill board was erected United fans have pelted the poster with rolled up socks dipped in red paint – as a protest against the sentiments the poster represents.

Since the poster pelting City fans have responded with a little more skill & wit by releasing a photograph that has been graphically modified. The modified poster shows a picture of United’s new signing Michael Owen on a pair of crutches and the words “Welcome To Stretford”, again taking the Michael out of Manchester United being based outside of the City Of Manchester.

There have been many emails that have featured adapted pictures where fans use their artistic skills to try and out wit each other with the friendly medium of photo-shopping... ...if you receive any then email them here and they’ll get posted.

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