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Joey of the Week : Man City Project Rant

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There have been a number of contenders for Joey of the week, namely Alex Ferguson, Rafa Benetez and David Beckham.

Joey of the week is based upon the famous disabled Joey Deacon as featured on Blue Peter in 1981. Joey featured on Blue Peter with Ernie who “translated” Joey’s sounds into meaningful speech for the audience. Despite the positive light in which the programmer’s editor was trying to present his story, the impact was not as intended. The sights and sounds of Joey's distinctive speech and movements had a lasting impact on young viewers, who quickly learnt to imitate them. Joey's name and mannerisms quickly became a label of ridicule in school playgrounds across the country. Even today, if a person trips over or happens to otherwise compromise themselves, they may still be mocked as a "Joey".

This Weeks Nominees are...

Alex Ferguson: Bemoaned this week that the transfer market is over inflated this year and that the transfer fees paid are crazy. He said that he would not be buying any more players in the transfer window because it’s impossible to get value, and he would not make any knee jerk reactions after receiving the £80 million from Real Madrid for Ronaldo: "There is no need to panic. We should not panic because of one player [Cristiano Ronaldo] leaving," Ferguson said. "I don't think any of the transfers – if you look at them – are realistic. We have a very good squad and some good young players. There was no need to have a knee jerk reaction of losing him." Taggart also claimed that he had offered a contract to Tevez months before he left. Before this week a statement from the swamp had reported that United would not be signing any players over the age of 26.

If I’m not much mistaken is it not Manchester United who have inflated the transfer market by sanctioning the sale of the winker to Madrid for an astronomical £80 million, was it not united who broke the English and world record signing fee for a defender in 2000 with the purchase of Rio Ferdinand from Leeds United? Wayne Rooney £27 mil, Berbaflop £28 mil, Veron £28 mil? It’s hard to know how he managed to keep a straight face as he bemoaned the state of the transfer market when he’s been buying players for the title for years (Which is what you have to do to win anything!). I suppose he couldn’t say that the money for Ronaldo has just been swallowed up by the clubs massive debts! Also is Owen under 26? I believe that this might have gone against the current transfer policy at United. Was it not the same “I wouldn’t sell them a virus” Ferguson who said that United wouldn’t be buying any more players and anything in the media is just not true? Erm... haven’t United today just bought Mame Biram Diouf from Norwegian side, Molde? Ferguson’s hypocritical, cocky, lying characteristics have made him a serious challenger for Joey of the Week.

Rafa Benetez: Rafa has claimed that Gareth Barry is a “100 per cent” mercenary for joining Manchester City: “ If it’s just for money sometimes you make mistakes, like Barry”. The irony being that he was unveiling Johnson when he made the allegations, an £18 million substandard right back on £90k a week! Benetez must clearly have forgotten his own signings and the wages he has paid players at Liverpool... Gerrard signed a contract this month with wage of £140k a week, record signing Torres has signed an improved lucrative deal to stay at the club, Kuyt, Benayoun? With Liverpool’s bullying history under Benetez the cheek of the Spanish waiter has to make him a contender for a Joey award.

David Beckham: Finally we have David Beckham who has announced that John Terry should not sign for Manchester City as he would regret it and not to go just for the money. Is this the same David Beckham that signed for LA Galaxy for an unprecedented deal worth over £128 million? Is this the same Beckham who insulted Galaxy after realizing he made an international career boob by joining the MLS outfit and joined AC Milan on loan? He outwardly condemned the MLS with his comments regarding AC Milan and his loan deal – which the LA Galaxy fans have certainly not forgotten by roundly booing him on his return this week as he also began a war of words with LA player Donovan after the player rightly branded Beckham unprofessional for his lack of respect to LA Galaxy and his “team mates”. Beckham makes a hypocritical three some this week as challengers to Joey of the Week award.

And the winner is... ...click on the short video below as Joey Deacon announces the winner...


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